Greenstyle Creations – Pacific Pullover

good #2 (1)

When I started driving a certain model of truck, I suddenly started seeing them everywhere. That was the same thing that happened after I made my first Pacific Pullover. Lo and behold, quarter-zip pullovers were all around me and I hadn’t even noticed. As it turns out, they are popular for a reason, and this pattern captures those reasons perfectly.

Features and More Features

When I downloaded the first version of the Pacific Pullover pattern, I was impressed with the options the designer had included. Little did I know how those options would expand in the pattern revisions. What started as a great pattern is now a great pattern with even more to offer. Sleeveless or sleeves. Collar, hood, or neckband. Zipper or not. Kangaroo pocket. Side pockets. No pockets (not sure why anyone would pick that, but who am I to judge?). Hemmed or banded sleeves and bottom. That’s a pretty good list and I’m sure I left some things out. The point is that this pattern has a lot of good options and every single one of them was put through thorough testing.

collar (1)

What I Love About The Pacific Pullover

First off, pockets. All the pockets. Okay, just the kangaroo pocket so far for me, but that is probably my favorite pocket of all, so it’s good. I’ve worn the ones I made in testing so much since then that whenever I don’t have one on, I feel completely awkward about what to do with my hands and do things like rub my phone on my stomach because there is supposed to be a place there to tuck it.

Speaking of my phone and its pocket home, in the black example I used the tip for leaving a small gap in the top of the pocket to thread the cord of my earbuds through. I didn’t realize how badly I needed my earbuds to run down through my shirt, but I love having the cord securely out of the way whether I am running or walking.

Furthermore, this pattern makes it relatively easy to create a professional-looking garment. Maybe that should rank above pockets, but I have a bit of an addiction there. Regardless, the first one I made (mint and lilac) was met with rave reviews from my students. One said I should take it to my embroidery machine and put a logo on it because it looks like I spent a lot of money at an athletic store.

good #2 (2)

Now, when I say it looks like a professional garment, I mean construction-wise, not that it is necessarily professional when I throw one over whatever dress I’m wearing (but I’m just gonna keep doing that anyway). That said, the solid black one goes well with an array of my work clothes and I don’t feel at all underdressed when wearing it professionally. Or standing around in my yard…whatever.

black by barn

What I Don’t Love About the Pacific Pullover

Um…nothing? There are some features which are not my style (for example, I love the zipper and doubt I’ll ever make one with a neckband), but you may want those features I don’t currently feel the need for.

To Be Continued?

Usually, I am not one for creating pattern hacks, but I had what I think is a great idea to make a super easy zipper installation. My goal is to get that worked up soon and write a post telling you how it’s done just in case you need a little more help feeling like zippers are possible (for the record, they already are and the instructions included with the pattern are very clear).

Fabric Notes

Black – Refined Ponte from Joann Fabric and Crafts

Mint and Lilac – Heavy ABP from Zenith and Quasar


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