Super G Athletic Tights: My Introduction to Pattern Testing

When I first started participating in the world of Facebook sewing groups, I had no idea what pattern testing entailed, but every now and then discussions about pattern testing would come up and I was intrigued. Recently I started keeping an eye out for tester calls for items I would actually like to make which is how I became connected to Greenstyle Creations.

While Greenstyle has a wide-range of patterns available, many of them are of an athletic nature. Since I started working out last fall, I’ve needed to expand my collection of workout gear, so I was quick to submit an application to be on the testing team for the Super G Tights.

Genesis Bewley XXL Z&Q ABP - 6

What Makes the Super G Tights Different?

There are a lot of patterns for snug fitting workout pants, including at least a few free ones. So what does this pattern have that others don’t?

First off, the long gusset. While many patterns do not include a gusset, many now offer small, usually diamond- or triangle-shaped pattern pieces to keep the crotch of the pants from being too strained during movement. But the gusset of the Super G Tights runs nearly the entire length of the inseam. In addition to facilitating freedom of movement without undue stress on the fabric, this removes seams from some key locations, namely right at the middle of the crotch and along the legs where thighs might rub together. The result? Comfort whether lifting weights, running, or just lounging around the house.


The other particularly notable feature is the construction of the side pockets. When I first read the instructions for how to sew the pocket pieces, I was baffled, but the moment I laid the pieces together, it all clicked. Now I can’t imagine an easier way to construct a side pocket. As a bonus, the upper pocket piece can be made of solid fabric for modesty while using a mesh fabric for the lower pocket piece (i.e., the rest of the side strip).

While cutting all the pattern pieces from one kind of fabric would make a great pair of athletic tights, the way the Super Gs are constructed, it is easy to add pops of color. Since I’m rarely ambitious enough to modify pattern pieces for color blocking, this pattern has allowed me to make some fun workout pants without all the trouble.

DSCN0624 - Copy

Some Words of Caution

I think it should be clear so far that I’m a big fan of the pattern, but I would be amiss to not point out the one modification I had to make: the full-hobbit adjustment. You see, the Super G Tights are made with a generous inseam, but my 26″ legs don’t need that much. For my first pair I cut at the 26″ line, but the result was still too long for my wee legs. I hacked off a couple inches off the end, but that messes with the look and fit of the tights overall. After a little bit of experimentation, I took three inches off each pattern piece at the shorten/lengthen line and the result was a perfect fit and correct proportions.

Genesis Bewley XXL Z&Q ABP - 8

The only other consideration you may need to make when looking at this pattern is the size chart. As with any pattern, it would be disappointing to buy it and find that your measures are out of the range included. The largest size (3XL) tops out at 47″B/38″W/50″H. All examples pictured here are size 2XL.


This is a solid pattern with some good options to add variety to your workout wardrobe. The gusset is practical and stylish, and the generous pockets are well-positioned and easy to construct. All-in-all, definitely worth a sew.

Fabric Notes

Lilac and Mint: Heathered Athletic Brushed Poly (heavy – 265) from Zenith and Quasar. This fabric provides the most support of the pairs I made. Very soft and comfortable.

Triangular Multicolor and Black: Nylon/spandex athletic fabric bundle from So Sew English.

Teal and Multicolor Blocks: Teal Heavy Supplex and some mystery pack swim fabric from Zenith and Quasar.


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