Messenger Bags


My jump back into sewing began because I am kinda cheap and really picky. For a goodly stretch I had kept an eye out for a messenger bag to replace the tattered tote bag I had been carrying to school for nearly a decade. In a shop in Hannibal, Missouri I found one which looked good. And felt thin. And cost nearly $50. These factors reminded me that I have a sewing machine.

After looking through a lot of patterns (and  not finding what I wanted) and reading/watching a number of tutorials, I came up with this.


Functional? Yep. Stylish? Getting there…maybe. Correctly sized? Not especially. It served me as a school bag for awhile before being moved to its current role of pattern holder.

My second attempt rectified some of the size and proportion issues, added color, and is generally more pleasing. This serves as the basis for my standard sized messenger bags (I have added some features since this one).



The next step was changing to proportion for messenger – style purses.



I’m not sure what is next in the messenger bag development, but it will be interesting to find out.


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